Monday, April 2, 2007

Week 6 (exercise 13)

I think that delicious is a good way to customize search lists and tag links. The way that you can customize your bookmarks is also handy and convenient. It's like having a filter and having helpers with links.

Week 5 (exercise 12)

I rolled my own search tool with Rollyo and it was pretty cool! I think that it is useful to share new ideas and special links which are found all in one place. I particularly enjoyed the reference search.

Here is my link:

Week 5 (exercise 11)

I liked the Technorati and Bloglines the best, they seem to have more of what I like in particular the Technorati site is very comprehensive.

Week 5 (exercise 10)

I've enjoyed and this is what I created.

Week 4 (exercises 8 & 9)

I learned about RSS feeds and was able to setup my own Bloglines account.

I located something interesting about library blogs and how you can subscribe and receive a daily library quote at:

Week 2 (exercises 3 + 4)

I set-up my own blog, added my first post, and registered it.

Thursday, March 29, 2007